Here are some ideas for games you can play at your ugly Christmas sweater party

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and most importantly, fun! You can make your holiday celebration a little more festive by throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Holiday themed parties such as ugly Christmas sweaters are fun because they give you the excuse to get creative and come up with fancy concoctions that bring any occasion to life.

When planning an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you probably are going to play some games. Even if you don’t plan to, you may be pushed into it at the last moment.

To help you throw the best ugly Christmas sweater party ever, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite games to play at parties. These games are perfect for any gathering, but they are especially fun at an ugly Christmas sweater party since they match the festive spirit of the holiday.

Play the Christmas Trivia Game

The Christmas season is a great time to play a trivia game. The best thing you can do is come up with a list of questions that have something to do with Christmas or the Christmas holiday season.

On a small piece of paper, write the questions that you want to ask. After that, you can draw questions from a hat, bowl, or box in order to answer them.

There must be a time limit where any trivia questions which are not answered within that time period should be thrown back into the hat.

There are a lot of benefits of asking questions in a timely manner, as well as making sure nobody gets stuck with a difficult question they cannot answer.

The fact that the person who answers the most questions correctly should be awarded a prize of some sort is a smart move.

It may be more fun and exciting if kids are able to show off their ugly sweaters by showing them to a panel of judges, which would normally consist of both parents and other party goers.

There are various prizes offered to the winners, including prize money and trinkets for the ugliest, tackiest, brightest, and funniest entries.

Ugly Christmas Sweater contest

The holidays are a joyous time of year, but they can be stressful, too. Fitting at a party on the busiest of days is a feat, but making one last all night long can be a true challenge.

The key is to keep your party relaxed and fun, which is exactly what you can do with an ugly sweater party. Just remember that the goal is to have fun.

You can make an ugly sweater contest the event. Invite all the kids over for a fun ugly Christmas sweater party! Get them to come in their ugliest Christmas sweater and compete in some fun categories to win a prize.

Whether they are tacky, colorful or just ugly, you can award prizes to the top winners in a selection of categories, such as tackiest/most ridiculous, ugliest/most hideous, brightest/most eye-popping or funniest/most absurd.

It’s guaranteed to be a fun night and a great way to get the kids – and adults – off the electronics and enjoy some quality time together.

Performing ugly Christmas karaoke

This is a fun, funny and wacky Christmas game which will make you laugh till you cry and give you a fun time on Christmas.

This game can be played by gathering the family members or friends and serve the Christmas lunch before the game starts.

To make this game, get the Karaoke machine or any music system. You need to play some Christmas songs or any other song which is pleasant to your ears.

Ask your guests/ family members to come in front of the Karaoke machine with all their Christmas hats, funny Christmas caps and Christmas costumes.

The idea of the game is to sing a short Christmas song, say the lyrics and then read the Christmas lyrics out loud. This game is meant to make you laugh and have your share of fun.

You can also dance with the Christmas song and make it more funny.

This is a good game which can be played by everyone, say if a child is shy while singing, he/ she can dance and show his moves. You can also play this game with your friends and have a good time.

The white elephant gift exchange

Buy a gift that fits the theme of the party and then wrap it in a way that fits the theme. Place the gifts in the center of the room and have everyone draw a number from it.

A person who has the number first will select one of the gifts and can either open the gift themselves or give it to someone else. After the person has opened the gift, it is now his or her turn to open a gift for themselves.

In the event the gift is passed along, it cannot be opened, it can only be passed along. However, if the gift is passed along back to the original person who opened it, he can then open it.

A game of musical chairs

Every year, people get together for an ugly sweater party. In this game, you need to have at least three participants, and more than three is even better. It can be played in both large spaces and small spaces.

All you need, is a chair from every household, and to make sure that it has been vacuumed in the last week. Set up a playlist with different songs, and just play the game much like regular Musical Chairs or Musical Chairs without the music.

When the music turns on, everyone has to grab a chair, and sit on it silently. The last person to get a chair will be out. The music will keep on playing, and the last person to get a chair will have to sit on the floor.

The less likely you are to be voted off, the longer you will last, and the more likely you will be the last one standing.

We hope this blog post has helped you with your Christmas party planning and gave you some new ideas for games you can play at your party with your family and friends.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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